Tillbehör - Vision CT12-105X FT, Deep Cycle AGM Lead Acid

Vision CT12-105X FT, Deep Cycle AGM Lead Acid

Deep cycle AGM Lead Acid erbjuder lång livstid och bra driftstid, anpassad för cykliskt användande.

Vision CT12-105X FT, Deep Cycle AGM Lead Acid
Deep Cycle AGM Lead Acid Batteries

Lead-acid batteries are suitable for those who need weight in the boat, or do not want to spend too
much money on batteries initially.
We are strong proponents of deep cycle AGM batteries, i.e. batteries that can withstand being drained
while also being able to deliver large amounts of current in a short space of time, and that also supply a
large proportion of their energy content under heavy loads over time. Used correctly, these batteries will
last for many years. In addition, they are easy to house since they can be tilted in any direction and do not
need to be kept in ventilated compartments.
The size of the battery bank should at least be such that you would normally never use more than half
of its energy content. This also means that in the event of an emergency, e.g. 1-2 times per season, the
batteries can run for much longer than normal. Following a total discharge, it is vitally important that the
batteries are charged immediately to ensure that they are not damaged permanently.

Batterispecifikation: Vision CT12-105X FT, Deep Cycle AGM Lead Acid

Nom. kapacitet (25°C), 10 h urladdning 105 Ah
Nominell spänning 12 V
Antal battericeller 6
Design livslängd 10 år
Laddspännning ≤6mΩ
självurladdning 3%/månad vid 20°C
Temperaturområde, urladdning -20 - 60°C
Temperaturområde, laddning -10 - 60°C
Temperaturområde, förvaring -20 - 60°C
Maximal urladdningsström (25°C) 900 A(5s)
Maximum laddström 31,5 A
Dimension (LxBxH) 395x110x293 mm
Vikt 35 kg
Pris, inklusive moms 6000 kr