Support – FAQ

Support – FAQ

Support – FAQ

Support – FAQ

Is it possible to install a GreenStar system on my own?

Most of our aftermarket customers have done the installation by themselves. The system is very well thought through and flexible in its design which makes it easy to fit perfectly in almost any boat. If you decide to do the installation by yourself, don’t forget to send the installation protocol to us which will give you three years system warranty.

Does a GreenStar system require any maintenance?

Everything needs maintenance. In this case though, far less than a conventional diesel or gas engine. We recommend our customers to, at the beginning of each season, making sure that all cables and bolts are securely fixed, and that the sacrificial node is okay. Batteries should be charged before winter storage, and is best achieved by leaving the batteries in the boat. The system has no drive belts, oil, grease etc and therefor no such maintenance is required.

Is the GreenStar system noiseless during use?

At economy speed it is nearly noiseless but at full speed some noise and vibrations caused by the propeller may be noticed. During propeller charging a slight vibration from the propeller can be heard and felt.

Is it possible to reuse the old propeller, shaft etc?

It is possible, although most customers choose not to, since our system warranty does not cover such installations. Another reason to exchange all the components is that our system components are designed to reduce friction, noise and maintenance, and are also sold as a very affordable package.

Is it possible to install a GreenStar system in a motor boat?

Of course it is. We have completed numerous power boat installations and deliver our systems to both boat builders and service partners.

How much can you charge while sailing?

The amount of power that can be regenerated depends on the shape of the hull and how freely the propeller can work. Usually 10 minutes of motor drive can be regenerated in 45 minutes at a speed of 5 knots sailing. If sailing faster more power will be generated and vice versa.

How many batteries do I need?

A multiple of two 12 V batteries are required for a GreenStar 10 motor system to function. A GreenStar 18 system requires a multiple of four 12 V batteries to function. The size of the batteries, measured in ampere hours (Ah), will give an indication of driving range. Typically a battery bank consists of four to twelve 100 Ah/12 V batteries.

Is there a battery monitor included in the system?

Yes, a battery monitor is included in all our systems except for the 10X and 18X systems. The monitor shows ”% left”, ”time to go” and additional useful information.

Is it possible to connect a genset to the GreenStar system?

Yes it’s possible, and two different methods can be used. The first is to have a DC genset, that directly charges the batteries, permanently mounted. This method is more costly but it is a very nice and sophisticated solution.

The second method is to use a portable genset, for example a Honda eu10i. This method should be considered a range extender, and can be used if the wind fades or the batteries are drained.

Please contact us if you want assistance in designing a hybrid system for your specific needs.

Why doesn’t the propeller fold while propeller charging

When you start regenerating power, the motor will first start spinning the propeller. Once spinning the water flow will wan’t to keep it spinning. The propeller will fold if the load on it gets too big. This is taken care of by the charge control system so it is something you as a user don’t have to think about. You do however have a chance to tune the load and by that also control the drag while sailing and charging.

Is the motor galvanically insulated from the propeller axle?

Yes it is insulated both through the air gap in the motor and the design of the motor mounting. Additionally, the battery plus is separated from the central unit when the system is turned off or in neutral position.