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GreenStar 18X

GreenStar 18X is a single engine to exchange an existing diesel engine and keep the axle, charging system and shore power system. It is comparable to a 18 hP diesel motor.

Our system includes:

GreenStar 18X motor
Fully isolated and flexible motor mounting
Axle coupling
Axle sealant, water lubricated
SpeedShift lever and motor controller
Cabling to the drive system

GreenStar 18X
The GreenStar 18X is comparable to a 18 hp diesel engine. It is designed for boats with straight shaft and best suited for boats weighing up to 7,500 kg. It is a complete system with motor, lever and battery monitor and can be mounted to an existing shaft. Plug and play connections are supplied for an easy installation. This system requires 48 VDC and depending on the number of batteries that are used the driving range can be adjusted. Using Lithium batteries the weight can be reduced to a third but with a maintained driving range, compared to regular AGM lead batteries.

System specifications: GreenStar 18X

Engine weight 32 kg
Maximum power 9,6 kW
Maximum continuous power 5,8 kW
Maximum static thrust 170 kp
Comparable thrust 18 hP diesel motor
Propeller charging -
5-10-15 knots -