Electric propulsion since 1999.

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To glide in silence


With an electric inboard, you have an efficient, renewable and sustainable energy source on board. Powerful, silent and safe. GreenStar's proven and complete electric propulsion systems are design to deliver maximum power and operating time.

Single or dual assambly, straight shaft or sail drive.

Hybrid, propeller charge. there are multiple options.

Coupled with minimal maintenence and low operating cost, you will undoubtedly see the benefits for your boat.


With sufficient power when needed


Our motors are constant speed controlled, which means that they maintain their speed almost regardless of load. This provides a quiet, smooth propulsion while allowing the motor to supply more power when needed and less when it is not needed. In high seas, the motor is far stronger moving up the swell then on the way down.

The motors' high torque enables them to carry propeller with a large blade area. This in turn provides a great deal of power that is also direct. This is especially noticeable in difficult wave and wind conditions and when manoeuvring in port.