Tillbehör - 24 V, 200 Ah

24 V, 200 Ah

Litiumbatteri med 200Ah kapacitet och mycket låg vikt.

24 V, 200 Ah
Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries

Lithium batteries are suitable for those who want maximum performance, to save weight, sail a lot and
who want to charge their batteries quickly. Lithium batteries cost more but are virtually indestructible.
Just as with lead-acid batteries, there are various types and levels of quality available on the market. Our
Lithium batteries are the Lithium Iron Phosphate variety (LiFePO4), which is stable and safe compared
to many other types. With lithium batteries, it is extremely important to have full control over every
battery cell’s charging status. Therefor our batteries have a built in Battery Monitoring System (BMS), but
not many lithium batteries on the market do this.
The size of the battery bank is typically not greater than what is required on a daily basis, i.e. half the size
of what would be required when using a lead-acid battery bank.

Batterispecifikation: 24 V, 200 Ah

Nominell kapacitet 200 Ah
Nominell spänning 25,6V
Energi 5,12 kWh at 23±2 °C
Smart BMS Inkluderad Yes
Laddspännning 29,2±0,15 V
Slutspänning, urladdning 20,0±0,3 V
Standard laddningsmetod 100 A
Maximal Laddström 200 A
Maximal konstant urladdningsström 300 A
Beräknad livslängd 3500 cykler
Garanti 2 år
Dimension (LxBxH) 540x420x152 mm
Vikt 52,8 kg
Pris, inklusive moms 52000 SEK