Accessories - GreenStar LiFe50

GreenStar LiFe50

Light weight lithium battery with a capacity of 50 Ah at 12 V.

GreenStar LiFe50
GreenStar offers battery technology for the future. With GreenStar Lithium batteries an extended dimension of comfort and user-friendliness is experienced.
The batteries save up to 80% in weight and are designed to provide a maximized operating time. They can be discharged as low as 10%, which means that the fewer batteries are required compared to lead batteries. Our lithium batteries can be charged with a regular constant voltage battery charger with a charging current between 14,4 - 14,6V. The batteries can be installed in series as well as parallel.
The charging time for a GreenStar Lithium battery is determined by the size (power) of the charger. For example: a 50Ah battery requires one (1) hour of charging using a 50A charger. GreenStar Lithium batteries do not require any special service or maintenance charging.

Battery specification: GreenStar LiFe50

Nominal capacity and current 50 Ah, 13,2 V
EqPb 100 Ah
Recommended charging method 50 A to 14.4V CCCV
Maximum constant discharge 150A
Pulse discharge 250A
Recommended charge and shut off at 25°C 14.4V to 8V
Recommended charge and shut off at 0°C 15.2V to 2V
Surrounding temp. during use -4°F to + 140°F/ -30°C to +60°C
Surrounding temp. during storage -58°F to + 140°F/ -50°C to +60°C
Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 270 x 245 x 170 mm